Fire has always been a part of nature. Unfortunately, large-scale and intense wildfires are an increasing phenomenon: Statistically speaking, every 8 seconds a new wildfire emerges. So by the time you’ve finished reading this intro at least two new wildfires have occurred, with devastating impact on health & safety, the ecological balance, cultural & socio-economic wellbeing and last but not least climate change.  

Statistically speaking, every 8 seconds a new wildfire emerges. So by the time you’ve finished reading this intro at least two new wildfires have occurred...

Some Numbers

In order to avoid extensive and extreme wildfires, an early detection of the wildfire combined with a fast and strategic response is essential. Since the sooner a wildfire is detected and communicated to the first responders, the more likely a wildfire won’t reach the fully developed stage. 

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Every year more than 4M wildfires are recorded


Yearly burned land mass: 865 million acres  


+ 340.000 human lives lost yearly

3 billion animals lost during Australian wildfires which raged in 2019-2020 

23 %

Responsible for 23% of global fossil fuel CO2 emissions 


Estimated annual economic cost: +300 billion Dollar

Detection flow


Cloud or edge hardware

Sen-Eye is available as a cloud-only solution as well as using edge hardware. When using cloud only, no additional hardware is needed whilst using edge hardware provides off-grid functionalities. Both versions can be deployed within the same camera-network managing them through a single-pane-of-glass dashboard.



Sen-Eye can be deployed both on existing IP camera's as well as on new IP camera installations. Using Sen-Eye hardware, new camera's can be deployed off-grid (without power nor standard connectivity means) or existing camera's can be augmented with mission critical functionalities.


AI model

Sen-Eye's built-in AI provides both resource management as well as detection capabilities. It's detection model was trained by 10000's of images providing an accuracy between 95% and 100%. Once Sen-Eye is deployed the AI will intelligently cycle between hibernation and scan-mode allowing for an energy efficient deployment, yielding flexibility and scalability. 



Once Sen-Eye detects a smoke plume, it's build-in AI will analyze the image and determine whether the smoke plume is a wildfire or not. If the situation is defined as a wildfire, the AI will also provide additional information like fire intensity and predict the possible direction of the wildfire spread.



Within minutes after the wildfire detection, the information will be provided into an intuitive dashboard where a notification warning can be configured, automatically sending an alert to the chosen medium (e.g. text message, e-mail, Slack etc.). The dashboard also contains features like sending a summary of the wildfire to the first responders containing the image, location and other information. 

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Traditionally forest fires were mainly detected by human observation from fire lookout towers and involved only primitive tools, such as the Osborne fire Finder; however, this approach is inefficient, as it is prone to human error and fatigue. On the other hand, conventional sensors for the detection of heat, smoke, flame, and gas typically take time for the particles to reach the point of sensors and activate them. In addition, the range of such sensors is relatively small, hence, a large number of sensors need to be installed to cover large areas.  
Senhive’s Sen-Eye technology overcomes these shortcomings, by using following criteria as benchmark for its performance: 

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Early fire detection 

● Detection of a wildfire during incipient phase ● High availability monitoring● Real-time communication of the detection 

Accurate and reliable 

● Between 95% and 100% accuracy on wildfire detection ● Location estimation of wildfire● Forecast on wildfire propagation ● Risk classification of wildfire  

Easy to deploy

● No additional hardware needed when installing on existing camera's● Plug & Play when using Sen-Eye hardware● Intuitive dashboard 

Scalable and cost efficient deployment 

● Low cost deployment and management● Supports both new and existing camera installations ● Compatible with all camera manufacturers ● Scalable functionalities including redundant power and connectivity



Once the wildfire has been detected a fast and efficient communication is key to preventing the wildfire from spreading and becoming uncontrollable. Therefor Sen-Eye’s sensing technology has been developed with build-in mission critical communication. Sen-Eye provides 99,9% communication uptime with information on localization of the wildfire as well as the severity of the wildfire enabling first responders to act accordingly.  

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