Making the news !

Making the news !

The Limburg investment company LRM, imec.istart and a private investor provide Senhive, an innovative start-up in the drone industry, with 650,000 euros of fresh money in the form of a convertible loan. After a successful mentoring program at imec.istart and the Drone Business School, a flying start on Corda Campus and a move to DronePort, the company is ready to take the next steps and conquer the market.

The start-up was kept above the font in April 2019 and then moved into the Corda INCubator on the Hasselt Corda Campus. Meanwhile, Senhive works from droneport campus in Brustem (Sint-Truiden). Senhive has a strong expertise in setting up critical lines of communication and integrating various sensors. The company offers a wide range of (drone) detection solutions tailored to the customer and relieves them from A to Z. Senhive not only maps the customer’s needs, but also provides the architecture of the solution and ensures the implementation and maintenance of the entire system. The technology is currently presented to the industry and potential customers through demo implementations, for which the DronePort site is very suitable.

“Drone detection is very up-to-date and the market is in full development,” says Thomas Petracca, founder and CEO of Senhive and expert in communications infrastructure. “Senhive responds to the changing needs of major players who want to protect their sites and activities from unwanted and unplanned drone traffic. At the same time, our system can also be used to manage the planned drone traffic. We are therefore very pleased that we can make the necessary investments with this loan and thus guarantee our operation in the coming year.”

International interest

The start-up integrates radio frequency, camera and radar technology for its drone detection and counterdrone solutions. Tailored to the customer, a system is set up that guarantees extensive coverage and effective operation to protect critical sites such as airports, nuclear power plants or ports from drones. Despite the early stages of life, Senhive is already involved in very large projects for SkeyDrone and the Port of Antwerp, among others.

Senhive can also count on a lot of interest from large parties at international level. Senhive also developed a forest forest detection solution using a self-sustaining camera system combined with artificial intelligence and a robust communication system that continues to operate even in the most remote areas. In this modular solution, the customer can specify the additional characteristics that the technology must meet. Senhive already implemented the forest fire detection technology for the Agency for Nature and Forest.

Senhive has also entered into partnerships with a wide range of suppliers. Not only to be able to select the best technologies and sensors guaranteed, but also to be able to operate completely independently and flexibly and to offer the customer state-of-the-art systems in this way.

“Senhive is a promising pioneer with a strong management team and innovative and widely deployable technology,” says Tom Aerts, Head of Investments at LRM. “Technology will also play an important role as soon as the new European legislation on drone traffic comes into force. We are therefore very satisfied to be able to count Senhive among our portfolio.”

“Senhive’s team has already proven that it can complete complex projects with its technology, for example by providing critical communication infrastructure at the Princess Elisabeth research base in Antarctica,” says Sven De Cleyn, Program Manager at imec.istart. “During our imec.istart process, we have seen them evolve further and we are very pleased that this additional investment will allow them to further roll out their expertise in protecting critical infrastructure.”