Why Senhive?

A strong team, with a proven track in law-enforcement, UTM systems, aerospace & critical communications already resulted in some of the most prestigious projects in Antarctica, South-Africa, Malaysia, ...  These challenging & ambitious projects pushed our team even further to develop cutting edge technology.  



Senhive was founded in 2019 and fuses expertise in sensing, edge computing and communication into reliable, mission-critical solutions. As a technology-driven company, we constantly benchmark new innovations in order to provide a best-in-class solution. Reliability and resource efficiency are core values in our technological ecosystem.
Whilst we still are a young company, our team of experts already have a +10-year proven track record in providing off-grid computing and communication solutions. Encompassing fields of expertise like the repatriation of data, mechanical engineering, machine learning and embedded systems, our team's inhouse knowledge guarantees a technological validation of all systems.



Senhive is committed to increasing both your mission critical infrastructure as well as our planet's safety. By providing reliable sensing and communication solutions, unrestrained by deployment location.


Core Values

When it comes to safety, reliability and expertise are key since there is no room for error. Therefore both values, combined with a customer-first approach are the backbone of our organization.   

The Team


Thomas Petracca


Thomas started his career as a passionate telecommunications architect. In 2008 he started his own company by providing IT architecture services to several Fortune 100 companies. His expertise and drive resulted, among others, in the management & design of the Belgian Antarctic station. This eventually inspired him to start a company specialized in remote sensing and thus Senhive was created. His drive and passion for technology combined with a soft spot for nature provide the building blocks for Senhive's mission and core values. 


Edwin Walsh


Science and technology are Edwin's passion, having a PhD in Applied Engineering and a degree in Applied Computer Science to show for it. In his career he has been a developer, analyst, researcher, consultant, project leader, product owner, and now CTO. Thus, it comes at no surprise that Edwin proves to be a Jack-of-all-trades within Senhive. Aside from leading the research and development efforts, he is also Sen-Air's product manager and provides valuable insights on topics like HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales.


Stijn Burm

Co-founder/Business developer

As a former police investigator, Stijn used to provide both technical support to the officers in the field as well as expertise on the analysis of digital evidence. He strongly believes that technology and innovation play a key role in helping civil security services to improve public safety. His understanding on security's critical aspects now provide Senhive an important asset on benchmarking technology towards safety KPI's. When engaging with government agencies and first responders, Stijn's know-how facilitates a holistic point of view.


Wouter Paesen

Co-founder/Technology Architect

Wouter just loves technology. Eventually leading him to earning a masters degree in engineering. His interests have taken him on very diverse career path: technology lecturer at school, open source software and network consultancy, industrial automation and machine safety, stage automation, embedded hardware and software development. At Senhive Wouter is committed to the technology we are delivering and strongly involved in the development of our own software and hardware products.


Rolf Waerzeggers

Project Manager

Having a master in business administration, Rolf spent most of his career as a key account manager at Europe's largest IT reseller, managing several Fortune 500 companies. Aside from having a firm grasp on business processes and customer management, a thorough technological knowledge was also developed backed by more than a dozen certificates. As a project manager within Senhive, Rolf is responsible for managing both internal as external processes. These range from marketing and procurement up to Sen-Eye's product management. 


Luc De Vlieger

Business developer

After his studies as an industrial engineer, Luc started his +25 years career within sales from day one. Luc worked for several listed firms in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. He’s passionate about what he calls “engineered solutions”, finding the best solution for every unique customer. This combination of sales flair and engineering background makes him the perfect fit within Senhive to establish and maintain relationships with the industry and its ecosystem.


Wout Verschaeren

Full stack developer

Already fascinated by technology and science in his childhood, Wout decided quickly on, he would pursue a path with innovation as a key component. After graduating as an industrial engineer in the field of electronics/ICT, he opted to further specialize in earth observations and remote sensing through a second master in Space Studies. Having such a broad range of technical knowledge, Wout enriches Senhive by contributing his expertise towards several areas, ranging from AI detection to optimizing backend architecture and everything in between. 


Tim Vangehugten

Network engineer

Tim is a system and network administrator with a passion for open-source projects. After his degree in applied computer sciences he worked as network protocol expert consultant for a wide range of service providers. As a system administrator he managed critical systems in leading European financial institutions. At Senhive Tim is committed towards a stable network and system environment for the day-to-day operations of the company as well as designing network architecture for our product range. 



Starting a working day with a drone flight and finishing with a software upgrade on Antartica makes your heart beat faster? 
If the answer is "yes", then Senhive might just be the company you are looking for! Have a look at our open positions and get in touch with us if you are interested in joining our forces.