Mission-Critical communication

The world has never been more connected than today, but there remains an essential difference between " connectivity" and guaranteed mission-critical communications.  
At Senhive we strive to provide priority and redundant connectivity in the most challenging & harsh environments.Combining VSAT technology with multi-carrier solutions we service customers from harsh conditions in Antarctica till the hottest "Rub al Khali" dessert.

When communication matters ...

A combination of 3rd party products with in-house carrier boards developed in collaboration with IMEC & ESA Senhive can provide & guarantee true global & mission-critical communication services. Private datacenter services combined with dedicated satellites will guarantee the highest uptime in the most secure environment.

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Private 5G sensors

Senhive selected 5G backbone connectivity for their sensors in the Port of Antwerp. Dedicated 5G network will guarantee the customer the most secure & private network


+75 Km wireless links

Senhive provided several backhaul links up-to 75Km to guarantee multi-path redundant links for aviation & radio communication purposes 


99.99 % uptime

National police forces selected Senhive to provide high-availability & redundant communication services which guarantee connectivity in the most saturated & challenging circumstances 


8 months remote 

Senhive supports the Belgian Antarctic research station Princess Elisabeth with an autonomous datacenter & VSAT setup. During 8 months the entire station is managed without human intervention

Our results in numbers

We are very happy about our achievements and don't hide them

99.99 %

Guaranteed uptime

Dedicated satellite providers


Dedicated TIER 3 datacenters


ISO certfication (pending)

Why Choose Us

Our secure & high fidelity communication solutions are build on a multi-layered approach.Each technology layer will increase your network uptime & availability.   


● Customized telco UPS solutions● Solutions to cover up to 180 days of autonomy


● Field & remote support services● 24/7 support contracts available● In-house dedicated support team


● Use of LEO / GEO / MEO satellites● True global coverage● Multi-carrier solutions to optimize costs.


● Experts in wireless backhaul communication links● Use of private 5G networks to guarantee bandwidth & priority● Multi-carrier LTE solutions too guarantee uptime


● Deployment of "air-gapped" datacenter infrastructure ● Highly-secured European TIER3 datacenter● Private MPLS network availability

Network / Security engineers

● Dedicated CCIE network engineers● In-house pentest security experts● In-house network architects



Once your network is deployed, Senhive can monitor your infrastructure in our hybrid command & control. The latest network & security monitoring tools, combined with in-house experts will pro-actively monitor your network 

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