Sen-Eye FAQ

  • How is the accuracy from the AI achieved?

    The Sen-Eye AI was trained by a set of 10000’s of images from different smoke patterns and vegetation backgrounds. Furthermore, every image captured by active Sen-Eye systems is used to further improve AI accuracy.  

  • Is it possible to test my camera with Sen-Eye before purchasing a license?

    Yes, you can add your camera to the dashboard without a license. The Dashboard will already show images from the camera but the wildfire detection AI is not active without a license. You can however upload/use 5 images for free to test our AI. This way you are guaranteed your camera will integrate with the Sen-Eye solution and you can test the detection flow before you make a purchase.  

  • What is the range of the Sen-Eye detection system?

    The detection range depends solely on the type of IP camera you have installed. The better the resolution and dynamic range, the farther the detection range. Looking to buy a new IP camera? Contact us for a solution which fits your requirements.  

  • What happens when my Sen-Eye Cloud system loses connection with the internet?

    You will receive a notification stating your system is not active anymore due to loss of connectivity and thus wildfire detection is temporarily suspended. By choosing one of our Edge systems, connectivity can be made redundant reducing the chance of an outage.   

  • Can I share my Sen-Eye dashboard with possible other stakeholders?

    Yes, the dashboard isn’t limited to a number of users or organizations. Simply create a new user in the dashboard to add the stakeholders of choice.

  • I would like to contribute to a wildlife organization by sponsoring a license, is this possible?

    If the organization already has a Sen-Eye dashboard, you can simply purchase the license and provide it to them. They can then add it to their dashboard allowing for the deployment of new camera.  

  • What is the power autonomy of the Sen-Eye Edge system?

    The autonomy depends on the amount of solar energy harvested during the day and the type of IP camera. However, a minimum autonomy of 12h is always achieved.  

  • What type of connectivity does the Sen-Eye Edge system support?

    The Sen-Eye Edge system is equipped with a WiFi, 4G and 5G module. A satellite communication module can be integrated as an option. 

  • Why is there standard no data plan included in the Sen-Eye Edge system

    In order to provide maximum flexibility, we decided not to offer a data plan as standard. If for example you have a Wifi signal, 4G/5G is not needed, unless you would like a 4G/5G connection as a redundancy. 

  • How can I integrate my Sen-Eye system with local firefighter services?

    Please contact us at moc.evihneS%40eyE-neS and we will be happy to elaborate the possible options. 

  • Is it possible to add other data to the Sen-Eye dashboard?

    At this moment this is not possible yet. However we are planning to add the option to add data like local weather forecasts, NDVI indices and the data feed of drones.