Sen-Eye - Getting started

Registering a new dashboard

1. Enter “” in an internet browser of your choice
2. Fill out your e-mail address in the Sen-Eye registration form and click submit


3. Check your mailbox for an e-mail (sender: oi.eyenes%40eye) with your login code
4. Copy/paste the login code from the e-mail into the Sen-Eye registration form in your browser or follow the link provided in the mail


5. Click submit

6. Select if you want to register as an organization or individual


7. Fill out your user information and preferences


Getting familiar with the Sen-Eye interface

Main map (click to enlarge)

  • 1

    Map button: returns to map overview

  • 2

    Camera menu: here you can add cameras or go to the detailed camera overview

  • 3

    Wildfire reports menu: provides a historical overview of detected wildfires

  • 4

    Map zoom: zooms the map in or out

  • 5

    Camera shortlist: provides a quick overview of your cameras. Clicking on one of the cameras will zoom in on the camera's location.

  • 6

    Camera icon: indicates the location of your camera. Clicking on it will take you to the camera's details

  • 7

    User menu: here you can manage users and organization settings as well as consult support pages

  • 8

    Wildfire risk legend 

  • 9

    Activate/deactivate additional map layers

Camera overview 

In the camera overview menu, you can find all the camera's which have been added together with their current state. Possible states are: ● Confirmed smoke (when a wildfire has been detected)● Possible smoke (when the AI is still analyzing the image) ● No smoke (when the AI has assessed that there is no wildfire present in the image) ● Unlicensed (when the camera does not have a valid license and the AI is offline) ● Offline (when the camera has a valid license but the camera is offline due to set-up issues).


Camera details menu (click to enlarge)



In the report menu, you can find an overview of all current and previous wildfire detections. Clicking on one of the notifications, opens a pop-up which displays the image and additional information of the detection.


Managing your cameras

Adding an IP camera to the dashboard

1. Go to the camera menu in the top menu bar and click "add camera"


2. Select the location of your camera: you can type an address in the search bar on the map or enter GPS coordinates in the fields beside the map


3. Enter a camera name and select the brand and type of your camera


4. Enter your license key. Don't have a license key? Purchase one here or you can progress without one but our wildfire detection AI won't be activated on the camera.
5. Click "add camera" button


Connecting an added IP camera to the dashboard

Axis brand camera
1. Download our camera app from the dashboard camera overview page or go to the camera details page and click "download app"


2. Go to your Axis camera dashboard and click on the "Apps" tab


3. Click on "add app", click on "browse" and select the downloaded Sen-Eye app


4. Click on "install", the downloaded Sen-Eye app now appears in your Axis app gallery


5. Click on the Sen-Eye app and click "open"


Your Camera is now connected to the Sen-Eye dashboard!

Other camera brands
Please contact us and we'll advise on how to connect your camera to Sen-Eye

Testing your IP camera

Once your camera is added and connected to the dashboard, you can test the detection functionality and flow by clicking on the "upload image" button in the camera details page. This will send the latest image provided by your camera to our AI for processing.


Demo camera

If you want to test our AI's detection capabilities without connecting a camera of your own or purchasing a license, you can do so by going to the preinstalled "Demo camera".


You can upload up to 5 images from your choosing to our AI, which will process the images and send a notification is a wildfire was detected in the image. You can delete the demo camera if no longer needed.


Manage users and user settings

Changing your user settings
From the user menu, a user can make changes to his name or telephone number which can be used to send notifications.


Managing your organization users / dashboard users

Overview of organization and users
In this overview you can find and change the details of your organization


List of users
This list provides an overview of all the user which have been invited to the dashboard. In order to become an active member of the dashboard, a user needs to accept the invitation to join the dashboard


Inviting new users
You can invite user to the dashboard by clicking the "add user" button. Then you need to fill out to which e-mail address you want to send the invitation and if you want the invited user to have admin rights or not.


Once the invitation has been send to the user, the user will receive an invitation e-mail. If the user then registers via the provided link in the e-mail the user will become an active member of the dashboard. From then on notifications will be send to the user if a wildfire has been detected.


Wildfire notifications

When a wildfire has been detected, a notification will be send to all users in the dashboard via e-mail and/or text message. In this notification you will also find a direct link to the camera in the dashboard that has spotted the wildfire.


  • I haven't received a login code after submitting my e-mail address

    Please check your junk mail folder, the mail with the login code might have been classified as spam

  • My login code seems invalid

    Please make sure you have not copied any spaces before or after the login code

  • My IP camera has been added to the dashboard but there are no images visible

    If you have an Axis camera, please check if you've installed the Sen-Eye app on your camera. If you have a different brand of camera, please contact our support

  • I can't access my Axis dashboard when trying to install the Sen-Eye app

    ● Please check if your camera has power and is connected to the internet● Please check the manual of your camera should the issue persist

  • I 'm not receiving notifications from detected wildfires

    ● Please check if you've entered a correct e-mail or cell phone number in your user profile Please check if your camera has a valid Sen-Eye license in the dashboard