Stay in Sync with you Team


    All in one device: your smartphone

    No more hassle with different devices, but talk, stream, coordinate and alert with a device you already own: a smartphone. 

      Communicate efficiently with your team;
      Coordinate with dispatching;
      Get an overview of who is on the scene;
      Locate your team members;
      Live stream audio & video;
      Talk to other emergency services

    Live Stream Audio & Video

    Use your smartphone to live stream incidents to other team members and command rooms.

    Our solutions make it possible to live stream audio & video to other teammembers, dispatching, crisis rooms and even other organizations. 
    This way everyone gets a clear overview of the incident, without saturating other communication channels.
    Streams can be recorded for further analysis and gathering information and intel, to dispatch to other teams and organizations.
    All this with the one device you already own: a smartphone. So no need for extra equipment, camera's or recorders.


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    Other features

    Lone Worker Protection

    Protect remote and lone workers, or team members working hazardous environments (e.g. chemicals or road workers), with:

      Automatic Man Down Detection
      Automatic video & audio stream

    In- & Outdoor localization

    We can provide indoor and outdoor positioning of team members, and make the localization viewable by;

      Command Room
      Team members
      During Incidents: other Organizations

    Stay connected... Always!

    Certified uptime by aggregating different network technologies and using self healing networks like:

      Mission Critical LTE
      Aggregated Connections 
      Meshed Networks (SDR)

    Easy communication with other Emergency Services

    When large incidents and disaster occur, often several different emergency services are together on scene. 

    The key is to communicate and coordinate in an efficient way and keep situational awareness for every partner.

    That is where our solutions can help you: easy and fast deployment of communication bridges between the different organizations on the scene of the incident. Even if they don't use the same communication solutions. 
    And when both organizations use our solution, they can even get an overview of positions and tasks of the other services.

    Use Cases


    Law Enforcement

    Police, Security Companies, Customs,State Security, ...


    Civil Safety

    Fire Departments, Civil Protection, ...


    Medical Services

    Hospitals, Ambulances, Red Cross, ...


    Road Safety

    Road Construction, Towing Services, ...



    Harbors, Airports, Distribution Centers, ...



    Public and Private Transport