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SENHUB Package (SENHUB_01)

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Get your SENEYE detection off-grid!

The Senhub off-grid packages will enable you to deploy your wildfire detection camera in the most remote environments.

Based on the same principles as the SenEYE AI algorithms, the micro-smart grid will regulate your power consumption based on the needs of the camera. This unique combination will guarantee power & wildfire detection in the most challenging circumstances.

The integrated model will also allow you to repatriate your wildfire detection over an extreme low bandwidth 4G /LTE connection. In case no cellphone coverage we can also provide you a custom satellite repatriation package (on-demand)

More Info:

The core of your micro-smart-grid.
The integrated POE injector combined with edge computing and 4G modem will orchestrate the power consumption and data repatriation. Senhub is by default compatible with all Axis 802.3af cameras and expandable with any max 30W camera.

Solar panel
The 400W solar panel is selected to guarantee 25 years power.
The small form factor + easy installation makes the Vertex solar panels the ideal solution in remote environments.

Battery charger + battery
In order to guarantee power and communication during cloudy days, the 110Ah will guarantee autonomy during the most challenging periods (long overcast, night, ...)

Package content
- 30W Camera POE injector
- 4G Modem - Dual Sim
- 4 Port Switch
- 32 GB local storage
- Edge Compute: quad core
ARM Cortex-A72
- IP67 Housing
- 12V power Supply
- 230V Relay

1 X 110 Ah battery
- Absorbent Glass Mat
- Low Self discharge
- bxdxh:546 x 125 x 323 mm
- 60 kg

1 X Charge controller
- Remote monitoring / control
- MPTT controller
- Intelligent Load output

1 X 400W Solar panel
- Power : 400wp
- 15 year product warranty
- 25 year power warranty
- Dimensions: 1754mm × 1096mm
× 30mm
- Weight 21kg

* SENEYE Licence
* POE Camera
* SIM Card
* 4G / LTE subscription