Edge Camera
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Edge Camera (SENCAM_01)

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Get started today with the SEN-EYE Edge camera!

Starters packages includes:

* High-end Axis camera with the SENEYE edge application pre-installed.
* Early detection of smoke plumes up to 7Km distance
* 1000 free upload images for early AI detection
* No external computing unit required.
* P1378-LE Axis camera is optimized for rugged and harsh environments.

More info:

SenEYE application:

The Sen-EYE application will only upload images in case of increased fire risk.
AI algorithms analyse continuously satellite, weather & metadata in order to upload & generate only data in case of increased fire risk. We hereby guarantee the privacy and telecommunication costs.


* Power: 12V-28V or POE input (IEEE 802.3af/802.3at)
* Internet connection (4G/3G/LAN/Cable/ADSL)

--> See SenEye Power package in order to run your camera on solar & 4G communication