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Visual Analytics

Fire detection by artificial intelligence within a radius of 15 Km.

Energy Autonomous

No need of external power-grid. Mirco smart-grid manages autonomous energy consumption and production.

Global coverage

No need of external ISP: Senhive can make use of proprietary satellite communications or create his own meshed communication network, to cover the most remote locations.

Radar system

By implementing Dedrone & Robin Radar technology we can detect & identify all drone traffic within Senhive range.

Emergency landing Zone

Our partnership with Skysense resluted in a platform where we can store & charge drones with the fastest charge times on the market.

Communication High-availability

A unique combination of bonding various carrier technologlies we can offer 99,99% availability on the most remote locations.

Drone Standby

Our unique housing & charging platform can have drones on standby and fully charged 24/7.

High availability / encrypted / real-time drone video transmission

Combining our SD-wAN knowledge & high-availability communication platform we can guarantee real-time video in the most harsh environments.

AI / Machine learning

In-house video analytics development can identify & classify pre-defined targets in a 24/7 availability.


The unique combination of top experts in different domains, resulted in the development of Senhive. After several years of R&D, we are convinced that each technology is mature enough to make a disruption in the domain of drones, fire detection & security. This team with different cultural, intellectual & professional backgrounds was the driving force behind the cutting-edge technology of Senhive.


Thomas Petracca started his career as a telecommunications architect. 

Since 2009 he was responsible for the design & maintenance of all telecommunications  systems for Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station.  With this unique knowledge in telecom & energy systems he founded Eomnia, which is specialized in telecom & IT systems in the most challenging environments.
Beside the optimizations of several datacentres he also provided services to several Fortune 100 companies.  Today Eomnia is active in Europe, Middle-east & Africa.  In governmental, scientific & corporate institutions.
Based on this unique knowledge & part of an Eomnia R&D project, Thomas grouped a team of experts in energy, telecom, security & AI which resulted in Senhive.

The Senhive platform was on my mind since many years, but only today the technology & knowledge is mature enough to provide this unique product, we’re convinced that Senhive could revolutionise the domain of drones, wildfires & security”.

Thomas Petracca
CEO - Founder


Stijn Burm  is a former police investigator who believes that technology and innovation are important keys to help improve civil security services in their day-to-day jobs of keeping us safe. 

When Stijn started 14 years ago as a police officer for one of the major police forces in Belgium, he quickly became aware of the need for new technologies and introduced new solutions to either speed up the investigations in his department or make the process more efficient

During active service, he was also training his fellow investigators in disruptive technologies & continues to do so.
This unique combination, of active police service & strong technical knowledge in emerging technologies pushed Stijn in founding his own company & didn’t hesitate to join/partner the Senhive team.
The potential of the Senhive platform could be a solution to several challenges the law enforcement, fire departments & other governmental services face today

Stijn Burm
Sales director


Ing. Johnny Gealens was one the first Belgium Cisco Certified engineers.

During his 15 years at Cisco he helped to define the new network standards within the field of telecommunication. Due to his interest in renewable energy, he changed his career and joined the management team of Repower.  This resulted in the launch off the first offshore wind farm park in Belgium. 
Today Johnny works as renewable energy expert/consultant & participated in several Antarctic missions to optimise the energy & communication system on Belgium's Princess Elizabeth Antarctic station.

 His unique knowledge in energy - and communication systems results in the innovative ideas of our Senhive product.

Johnny Gaelens
Energy systems engineer


Biswajith Gopinathan is a leading Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer with exhibited experience and in-depth knowledge of machine learning and deep learning models.

He completed his master’s in computer science and bachelor’s in mathematics and Statistics, with more than 12 years of enterprise software application integration experience in various service domains like telecom, aerospace, European commission (Horizon 2020),…
Senhive is taking significant steps in artificial intelligence & impressed me with the innovation and their consistent concern for helping the society for a noble cause using AI and IOT.  I’m eager in helping them to continue to innovate and build products responsibly using the vast capabilities of  AI.

Biswajith Gopinathan
Data Scientist


Nikola Nikolic is an animator specialized in 3D product modeling and animation. 

With long history in digital and 3D media, he combines real environment footage with digital 3D artwork and design to make photo realistic animations.

His expertise and experience greatly contributed developing of the final version of the product design.

Nikola Nikolić



By bonding multiple partners we're convinced that Senhive can bring multiple solutions under 1 platform. Contact us on if you believe your technology can bring an added value to Senhive & our partners.


19 - 20 / 12 / 2018 NiveauS

We’re proud to announce that Senhive was selected among the 10 last participants to present his product and features on the prestigious NiveauS innovation fair @ The Square in Brussels. Please come and visit us on 19 – 20 december.

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