Sensing the world to improve your safety and efficiency.

Developing and integrating the latest energy & communication technologies to guarantee 100% uptime for your mission-critical sensors.

Sure you know that...

    Last year 1.2 million acres of forrest were burnt in the EU, and studies are predicting up to 110% increase by 2050.
    That monitoring all these wildfires over millions of acres will need millions of man hours.
    That in 2025, almost 2.400.000 drones will be flying in our airspace.  
    And that controlling this vast and open airspace will be almost impossible. Almost!
    That for each living person in 2025 there will be 70 connected IOT devices online.
    That repatriating & interpreting the data of an IOT-device is a big challenge, especially on the most remote locations.
    Detecting, managing & repatriating mission critical data is difficult, expensive & time consuming.

Connected sensors till the edge of the world

Senhive is devoted to deploy technology in the most demanding & harsh environments.After years of deploying remote sensors, off-grid power systems & satellite communications, Senhive dedicated 2 years of R&D to develop the SEN-CORE technology.

Sen-core is the hart of the senhive’s an autonomous, multi-carrier, edge computing platform to analyse and repatriate your data anywhere in the world.
Strategic partnership with IOT satellite providers and a proprietary micro-smart grid, allow us to deploy & manage sensors without 3rd party power or communication systems.
Build on the sencore technology we developed: SEN-EYE.Sen-eye is the first fully-autonomous wildfire detection system which will repatriate...

Why Choose SEN-HIVE


Proven track in several government & corporate environments

    +10 years remote management of Belgian Antarctic station
    Proud partner on several ESA projects
    Belgian Drone Council member to define future national legistlation


Providing mission-critical communications in various government & corporate projects

    In-house satellite modem development
    Experts in government communication projects
    Global satellite coverage solutions


Experts in video analytics, RF spectrum, communication technologies & radar technologies

    Strategic partnership with Raobovision allow us to tackle the most demanding AI projects
    RF fingerprinting identify ALL flying, interconnected drones.
    Active testbed on Droneport with the latest radar technologies


Strong expertise in the latest energy & storage systems to make your projects fully autonomous

    Micro Smart-grid solutions
    Hydrogen fuel-cell integrator
    Strong knowledge in renewable energy systems

Discover the SEN-HIVE family of solutions

A combination of off-the-shelf hardware with in-house developed hardware. 



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SEN-AIR : Monitor your drone airspace

By combining RF, RADAR, transponders & acoustic sensors: SEN AIR can identify & locate drones & operators in the most challenging environments. Our open API can easily integrate with existing UTM/ATM systems

Use cases


Protected aerospace


SEN-HIVE is the official provider of RF & Radar systems which are proven & active in several international airports & harbors.(locations disclosed on demand)
By performing RF & radar audits in various environments & no-fly zones gave SEN-HIVE in-depth knowledge to select the best equipment based on customer & environment requirements. 

Specific use cases

    Military Locations
    Border Patrol
    Nuclear Facilities
    Major Events
    Smart Cities

Connected world


As of January 2020 our modems will be used for scientific & industrial processes on Antarctica. Our sensors will remain autonomous & connected in the harshest & challenging environment.
Our in-house developed LEO IoT satellite modem allows collecting mission-critical data from anywhere in the world. With our multi-carrier systems, your assets will be monitored 24/7 without the external use of energy.

Specific use cases

    Science & Research
    Remote IOT
    Oil & Mining Industry

Fighting climate


After successfully monitoring 2 national parks in Belgium, our customers got convinced to further deploy our fully autonomous solution to detect wildfires.
We are also developing the first customized sensors to detect first signals of floods, glacier behaviors & illegal logging.

Specific use cases

    Global warming (e.g. glacier monitoring)
    Water floods

Our Partners

We are proud of working with each of our partners as they gave us the support to become one of the market leaders in a short matter of time. Here’s a short list of those who have already seen the quality of our services in practice:

Agentschap Natuur en Bos

SEN-hive Team


Thomas Petracca


Thomas started his career as a passionate telecommunications architect. In 2008 he started his own company by providing IT architecture services to several Fortune 100 companies. The strong leadership resulted even in the management & design of the Belgian antarctic station.



Wouter Paesen


For 13 years, Tomas has been taking a position of product manager at Quantum. He successfully launched several best-selling products. Now he is working on 3 new products.



Stijn Burm

Business Development

Stijn Burm is a former police investigator who believes that technology and innovation are important keys to help improve civil security services in their day-to-day jobs of keeping us safe.  His technical & forensic knowledge are the skills that our customers always appreciate



Olav Adami

Strategic Architect

Andrew Shimmer has more than 15 years of experience in IT development and marketing. He has successfully run companies specializing in innovative technologies.



Dieter Meyer

Cloud Architect

Dieter started his career in Software Development. After 7 years of developing software, he gained an interest in optimizing the software delivery life-cycle. His in depth knowledge of the AWS ecosystem provided him the required expertise to interconnect IoT & serverless, drones and monitoring frameworks



Damir Simpovic

Network Architect

+ 20 years experince and the passion for complex network architectures makes Damir a key asset to interconnect all sensors, radars, communication devices in the most remote & challenging environments.  



Nikola Nikolic

Product Designer

Nikola Nikolic is specialized in 3D product modeling and animation. With his long history in digital and 3D media, he combines real environment footage with digital 3D artwork and design to make realistic product simulations.



Prof. dr. ir. Jan Baetens

Advisory Board

As an active member in ESA Copernicus program & expert in Wildfire modelling & prediction Jan provides in depth expertise in In collaboration with Gent University: Bioscience Engineering department


Join Us!


Our company is always looking for professional and inspired people who are ready to work, according to our principles and standards. Look through the list of our advantages to see what you get by becoming a part of our team.

  • Trainee program for young talents with big ambitions

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    Relocation and full support for experts from other cities and countries

  • Work together with renowned experts who work in different industry fields

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