Do you want to extend your network of CUAS sensors?
Do you need to connect sensors in a remote location?
Do you wish to use multiple types of CUAS sensors at the same location?

Unlock the power of your sensors with SENHUB!

Why Choose SENHUB?

SENHUB is used to receive data from multiple sensors and transmit that data to a central location for analysis or storage. Using a SENHUB to connect multiple sensors will be beneficial because it allows the data from the sensors to be easily accessed and managed in a single place, rather than requiring each sensor to be individually connected to a central device. Our SENHUB also provides additional functionality, such as the ability to filter and process the sensor data before it is transmitted.


Data Fusion & filtering

SENHUB is designed to increase efficiency and decrease the amount of bandwidth and latency required for certain tasks. It can help to streamline processes and improve performance by reducing the amount of time and resources needed to complete tasks. 

Plug & Play

SENHUB is already compatible with a large number of sensors, allowing it to be easily used by simply connecting it to the desired sensors. The wide range of compatible sensors makes the SENHUB convenient and easy to use, requiring minimal setup and configuration.


The SENHUB is designed for compatibility and stability with various data communication links. It can be used in a range of environments and is expected to provide consistent, reliable performance.


Rugged, off-premise

Our SENHUB is designed to be used in a variety of environments, including challenging or difficult locations and inside vehicles.

Specifications - SENHUB

Max number of sensors per HUB


Compatible with the following technologies

SENID, SENID+, SENHUB, Radar, Spectrum Analyzers, EO/IR

Ingress protection level

IP 67


LAN (RJ45), Fibre, 4G/5G, Tactical MANET, Satellite, ...


4-Core CPU or better, DDR4 RAM, SSD up to 2TB


Mobile and fixed versions available



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