Airspace Management

Minimize delays and reduce the risk of accidents or other incidents by ensuring safe and efficient movement of aircraft within your airspace.

Having airspace awareness is essential for avoiding collisions and other accidents, as well as for maintaining the smooth and efficient flow of air traffic



Budget-friendly sensor for detection & localization of cooperative drones and aircraft giving you the following benefits:

  • Improved situational awareness

    SENID sensors provide more accurate and timely information about the location and movement of aircraft and drones, which can help pilots and controllers make better-informed decisions. 

  • Enhanced safety

    By providing real-time information about the position and trajectory of aircraft, SENID sensors can help prevent collisions and other incidents.

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    Increased efficiency

    With more accurate and up-to-date information about the location of aircraft & UAV, controllers can more effectively manage the flow of traffic in the airspace, reducing delays and improving efficiency.


Each month, we usefully close our projects. Here is the list of our recent ones.


Port of Antwerp-Bruges

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges, recently initiated a project to comprehensively map out its airspace with a specific focus on drones and low-flying helicopters. The goal of this project is to prevent potential collisions and incidents within the port's airspace. To accomplish this, the port authorities are using our sensors to track and monitor the movement of these aircraft. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the airspace above the port, the authorities aim to keep the area safe for all users and avoid any disruptions to the smooth operation of the port.



Droneport (located in Sint-Truiden) has recently undertaken a project to gain a complete understanding of the airspace above their facility. This effort is specifically targeted at ensuring the safety of drones and low-flying aircraft, such as small planes and helicopters, in order to prevent collisions and incidents. To achieve this goal, the airfield is utilizing our sensors to track and monitor the movement of these aircraft. By thoroughly mapping out the airspace above the airfield, the operations team aims to maintain the safety of all users and minimize disruptions to the smooth operation of the facility.

SENID, RF sensors, Radar, EO/IR

Brussels Airport / Skeyes

Brussels Airport and Skeyes collaborated to conduct a series of demonstrations to assess the practical usage of drones in and around the airport. Together with partners, various scenarios were created to demonstrate how drones can be safely and efficiently operated, and how airports can be safeguarded, by using our SENID and CUAS solution, against the potential safety and security hazards associated with drone use in close proximity to airports. The insights gained from these demonstrations will be used to prepare the airspace for the safe integration of unmanned and autonomous flights with traditional manned aircraft traffic.


Skeydrone / Elia

In order for Elia to conduct inspections of their powerlines using drones capable of flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), the operator, Vansteelandt, had to obtain the appropriate flight permissions. SkeyDrone and EuroUSC secured authorization for this pioneering BVLOS drone inspection in Belgium. The inspection flights had to comply with strict risk reduction measures in addition to the existing rules for BVLOS flights.
Several of our sensors were placed in strategic locations to continuously scan the airspace above the inspection area for any type of air traffic. The sensors were able to detect and visualize medical helicopters, skydiving teams, passenger planes, and military flights operating nearby. Whenever an intrusion into the larger security perimeter was detected, alerts were sent to the operator, enabling them to quickly identify and respond to any potential risks that could compromise the safety of the operation.

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